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Alumni Profiles

  • Xiaomei Jin

    2015 Program Manager Healthcare International Zhejiang

    It was a unique experience to study the IMBA in Bar-Ilan. For a Chinese student, it is one of the best ways to get to know Israel, its innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as Jewish culture.

  • Isaac Kight

    2010 Child Welfare Specialist Oklahoma Dept of Human Services

    I learned a great deal in a real world atmosphere

  • Noah Pickholtz

    2010 Vice President OurCrowd

    I loved the community and relationships that came out from my time at Bar-Ilan. I learned valuable real-world skills and strategies that I implemented later on working at and scaling a world-class startup.

  • Xiaoqing Zhang

    2018 Associate Citadel Securities

    This was the first time that I studied and lived in a foreign country for such a long time.  Thanks to this IMBA program, I have improved myself so fast in many areas.  I feel that this year of studying at Bar-Ilan was a precious gift of life.

  • Dani Sher

    2002 Co-Founder Atlantic Growth Capital

    Diversity and high caliber classmates and professors really made the experience very worthwhile. There is no better place than Israel to fully understand the impact of innovation and disruption. Highly recommended.!

  • Chanan Rafael Golub

    2016 Regional Commercial Contract Manager, Wider Europe British Council

    My experience in the Bar-Ilan University IMBA program gave me the tools to look at many aspects of the business world. It was enjoyable to meet and discuss matters with my classmates who came from such varied backgrounds.

  • Sharon Appelman

    2002 Senior Vice President Neuberger Berman

    "My undergraduate degree was in music performance, so the IMBA program represented a dramatic change in direction. However, I was delighted to discover an ability in certain subjects (statistics and economics) that I hadn't anticipated. I felt supported and encouraged by the staff and professors throughout the degree program. The knowledge I acquired during the MBA program has informed a lot of the work I have since performed as a financial planner and investment professional in New York City."

  • Nadav Kidron

    2007 CEO Oramed Pharmaceutical

    I gained a profound understanding of operating a business on a global scale.  I have since built strong business relationships overseas and remain grateful for the opportunity that helped me get where I am today. 

  • Jacob Cohen

    2013 Vice President Walker & Dunlop

    My MBA experience was a great launching pad for my career. I learned a tremendous amount of business knowledge from the professors, especially in the finance classes. In addition, working in groups and presenting to the class on multiple occasions honed my business skills and broadened my career expectations.

  • Yoni Novick

    1998 Customer Success Engineer, LMS Specialist NICE Actimize Ltd

    It was an honor to graduate in the very first IMBA class. We had fantastic lecturers. I have leveraged my MBA many times throughout my career. Today I work at a multinational Fintech company.

  • Bayla Haskel

    2014 Product Manager Intel

    I loved the fact that I was studying with Chinese students. I made such great friends and business connections.  Would not have gotten that opportunity anywhere else!

  • Dr. Muriel Zohar

    2003 CEO Life Source Partners Ltd.

    Very good experience and finance classes were excellent!

  • Shara Grifenhagen Ellenbogen

    2006 Marketing Director Ariel Marketing

    I made aliyah in 2005 with the idea that I'd "see how things go." My only plan was to take the year and do the IMBA at Bar-Ilan to give me something productive to do and help me sharpen my skills to enter the Israeli workforce. Coming from a non-profit background in the US, the classes and group work helped build a strong foundation for me. I made some amazing friends that year and build connections along the way which have helped me tremendously in my career as a marketing professional here in Israel. The IMBA helped me in my transition from non-profit to private sector and from life in the US to my new life in Israel. I'm grateful for the friends, connections, skills and knowledge I gained from the program.

  • Tatiana Shchertsovsky

    2016 Director of Marketing Beyond Verbal Communication Ltd.

    The program accelerated my career by broadening my business vision and boosting my entrepreneurial skills. This experience is invaluable.

  • Yue Jiang

    2015 Senior Manager China Merchants Expressway Network & Technology Holdings Co., Ltd

    I learned a lot and grew from the entire experience.  Well recommended.