Entrepreneurship: From Idea to Market

This course will teach how to initiate, build and manage a seed stage startup company based on an idea for a first new product /service. The course will provide knowledge and a set of tools which will enable the students to consolidate a conceptual new product/service, conduct a preliminary evaluation of the business viability of a new business initiative based on such a new product/service, using a 1Pager working template which constitutes a skeleton of a business plan, raise seed stage funding, and recruit a synergistic team with execution capabilities. This course is highly pragmatic and will equip the students with the necessary now-how and tools to jumpstart any new business initiative.

International Business Game Seminar

The International Business Game is a business simulation of decision making processes in a Multinational Corporation. The objectives of this game are to provide experience in managerial teamwork and decision making in a competitive international market while using business collaboration between competing companies, providing actual implementation and integrative learning of the various courses in business administration.

Here you can hear more about this seminar from Dr. Raveh Harush: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xni1KFBHWQs

International Entrepreneurship Seminar

Each team will choose one of the following:

  1. New venture entrepreneurship for the international markets.
  2. Entrepreneurship in an existing organization.
  3. Academic research in one of the business administration functional areas: Finance, information systems, marketing, management and organizational behavior.

The first option – New venture entrepreneurship – is the preferred one.

Healthcare Startups for the Next Generation

This course will serve as an introduction to innovation in healthcare ventures for those interested in entrepreneurial opportunities in healthcare technology, management, consulting, or investing. In turn, value-oriented business models that focus on technology drives the growth. In the end, entrepreneurship is moving healthcare forward, and the industry has to evolve to keep pace.

Course Descriptions