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2017-2018 .pdf

2018-2019 .pdf

Updated 22/3/2018

IMBA Curriculum 2018-2019



Micro/Macro Economics

Module 1

Financial Accounting

Principles of Marketing

Principles of Management

Principles of Finance

Research Methods

Module 2

Quantitative Business Analytics

Principles of Information Systems

International Economics

Social Media Marketing

International Business Strategy

Module 3

Organizational Behavior

Corporate Finance

Business Game

Leaders in Business Seminar

Global Management in the Far East –Study Tour Abroad

Business Ethics

Entrepreneurship: From Idea to Market

Module 4

Healthcare Startups for the Next Generation

Investing in Emerging Markets

Service Management & Design

Valuation of High-Tech Startups

Business Game

Middle East Studies: Economy

Business Law

Entrepreneurship: From Idea to Market



1. The International MBA, in its continuous effort to improve its program, reserves the right to revise the curriculum and course offerings at any time.

2, The above schedule does not include the exam dates.

3. Courses from the regular MBA program may be studied in the next academic year without additional payment.


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