Principles of Management

The overall purpose of this course is to study fundamental concepts of management and the process of managing organizations. We will systematically examine the essential aspects of management by addressing theoretical and conceptual issues, combined with practical and contemporary aspects of management. Our study of management is geared towards imparting knowledge and enhancing a substantial understanding of managerial issues, as they relate to your immediate studies, and future organizational roles and careers. 

International Business Strategy

This course aims for students to gain an understanding of international strategic processes, theories, models, and ideas; and to practice strategic thinking and process.  Included are models and examples for international organizations.  Various topics will be discussed that relate to devising strategy in a firm, such as analysis of the business environment, understanding the firm's capabilities, and appropriate strategic processes. 

Organizational Behavior

The course is designed to provide managers a framework for primarily understanding the art and science of the "Organizational Behavior" concept. The overall topics learned emphasize the knowledge and the understanding of the way people function in organizations.

Cross-Cultural Negotiations: Western, Chinese, Indian

This course will train the students with the cross-cultural negotiation techniques and with the management of cross-cultural issues, required to conduct successful negotiations. The course will focus on the management of negotiations and techniques in the western world, and in communal societies (e.g., China and India).

Leaders in Business

This course is aimed at expanding the students’ knowledge and understanding of Israeli and International Management issues that have a strong impact on both the macro-level and on firms’ operation and performance as well as on the employees and management. The topics deal with issues in Israel and worldwide and will be presented by guest lecturers.

International Business Law

This course familiarizes students with basic legal concepts and principles relevant to business administration.  Topics include contract law, torts and professional liability, forms of carrying on business, employment law, consumer protection law, intellectual property, and environmental law.  Although the focus of the discussion will be on business law from a U.S. and Canadian context, reference will also be made to the Israeli business law context as well.

Business Ethics

This course introduces students to the relevance and importance of ethics and social responsibility in business.  Important learning objectives are to increase students’ awareness and understanding of ethical issues in business and to provide students with useful conceptual tools to guide analysis and decisions.  Particular emphasis will be placed on maintaining managerial relevance by blending concepts in the disciplines of management, law, and ethics with readings and cases.  The ultimate intent of the course is to leave students better equipped to identify, think critically about, and resolve ethical issues that are encountered in one’s working life at the individual, organizational, and societal levels.

Course Descriptions