Jonathan Gee

Year of Graduation
Position in Firm
Head of Finance

As a Finance Manager, I have been leading finance teams within the SaaS industry for the past 5+ years. 

What excites me in my line of work is being involved with start-ups and having a sustainable impact on a group's international growth, with a focus on the US and EMEA markets.  As well as running a well-oiled accounting function, my particular passion is in supporting C-level managers with the data, especially SaaS KPIs, in order to make strategic decisions about the company and its growth.   

I am currently based in London, working as Head of Finance for 9fin, an analytics platform for debt capital markets. Our mission is to organize the world’s leveraged finance information and make it accessible and useful through our data, news and analysis. Whilst being at 9fin for just under a year, I had a central role in our A+ round where we raised $23m. 

I thoroughly enjoyed doing my IMBA at Bar Ilan University. It helped me enhance my business skills, learn about different approaches to tackling work-based challenges and was a great opportunity to network with some amazing individuals from around the world.  

Last Updated Date : 22/12/2022