Guest Lecturers

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Guest Lecturer Topic
Haim Kats, Deputy General Mgr, Boeing 787 Program
Israel Aerospace Industry
War of the Universes: Airbus vs. Boeing
Yaron Golgher, CEO & CoFounder
I Know FIrst
Investment Selection Using Artificial Intelligence
Sherwin Pomerantz, President
Atid EDI Ltd
Facilitating International Trade - Practical Aspects
Nadav Kidron, CEO
Starting a Venture in the Life Sciences Industry
Bob Rosenschein, American-Israeli Serial Entrepreneur
Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur
Hanan Shlesinger, Operations Director
Ophir Optronics
"A Portrait of Ophir Optronics"
Adrian Sagman, Vice President of International Sales
Carmit Candy
"How Carmit from Israel Manages to Export Chocolate Across the Globe!"
Einat Sadon, Founder & CEO
"Toolbox for a Successful Business"
Noah Pickholtz, Director of Investor Relations
"Scaleup Nation"
Weldon Turner, Director & COO
Gigawatt Global
Investing in Emerging Markets