The Erasmus Plus program allows students to study for a semester at any of our 40 partner schools in Europe.  Students have no additional tuition costs and they receive airfare and a living expenses allowance..

Student Testimonials:

Erin Guo, Berlin School of Economics & Law,

 "I just finished my classes and exams of the winter semester. This business school has a very good reputation among local people, and the professors have both academic knowledge and practical experience. They teach and work in companies at the same time and they are glad to help students build connections. I am also working as an intern in a German E-commerce company. Thanks to this internship, both my English and Excel skills have improved, and I gained some valuable insight into this industry. I noticed that Berlin has more and more English job opportunities. This might be good news for students who are interested in coming to Germany.

Last Updated Date : 17/04/2019