Tuition | International MBA in Israel | Bar-Ilan University

Tuition Fees:

NIS 89,518 (US$ 23,300) or NIS 93,361 (US$ 24,300) for the Masa enriched MBA.  The dollar rate in this document is correct as of November 15, 2016 (1 US$ = NIS 3.842).

Tuition includes the cost of studies, e-learning usage, parking, refreshments and the study tour abroad. The tuition fee does not include the application fee (NIS 590/US $154), the cost of the preparatory courses if needed: NIS 2,970 (US$ 773) per course, the cost of books and course packs, and meals in the study tour abroad. Tuition fees are linked to the Israeli Consumer Price Index as of January 2017.