Alumni Profiles

  • Joshua Statlander
    JC Realty Experts/Mindful Managment & Consulting LLC
    Great experience with a diverse student body. Made some lasting friends and looking  forward to staying in touch with new ones....  
  • Rina Barbut
    Professional Services Area Manager, MEA and Russia
    Check Point
    The  IMBA gave me a background to see the big picture,  how each department works and what is the link between them,  Marketing, Sales, Finance, IT.  It also strengthened my managerial skills. It was a great experience.
  • Yang Cheng
    Marketing Manager of Chinese Department
    Vered Hasharon Travel Group
    The one-year study experience opened my eyes to the business world. I gained the experience and knowledge necessary to advance in my career..  
  • Xiaomei Jin
    - Please choose -
    Program Manager
    Healthcare International Zhejiang
    It was a unique experience to study the IMBA in Bar-Ilan. For a Chinese student, it is one of the best ways to get to know Israel, its innovation and enterpreneurship, as well as Jewish culture.
  • Jacob Cohen
    Deerwood Real Estate Capital
    My MBA experience was a great launching pad for my career. I learned a tremendous amount of business knowledge from the professors, especially in the finance classes. In addition, working in groups and presenting to the class on multiple occasions honed my business skills and broadened my career expectations.
  • Avi Perpinyal
    Sales Engineer
    Great content, great instructors and great group.
  • Qianli Fang (Chelsea)
    M&A Practice Associate
    Deloitte Israel
    I had a great time in the IMBA course. I gained a  clearer picture of the business world plus many practical skills. In addition, I was inspired by my amazing classmates. Thank you for this special experience.
  • Jesse Sultanik
    Marketing Specialist
    Argus Cyber Security
    Bar-Ilan’s IMBA program gives you the technical tools and networking context in order to accelerate your career.
  • MJ Wang
    VP Assistant
    Angelcomm Ltd
    This program brought me to this amazing country, taught me how to do business strategically, opened my eyes to see this colorful world and gestated my precious dreams and beliefs in my mind.  If I had a chance  to choose again, this program would be my choice for a second time.
  • Jamie Drummer Fox
    Director of Marketing
    Botanic Springs
    I enjoyed my degree very much and feel it has opened doors for me. Now I am part of a start-up in the Wellness business and hope to grow with my company.
  • Yoel Israel
    Co-founder, Online Advertising Specialist
    Was amazing, I learned a lot, and met a lot of really cool people.  
  • Debra Askanase
    Founder & Digital Engagement Strategist
    Community Organizer 2.0
    The business strategy classes taught were the most influential classes of my Bar Ilan experience. Thank you!
  • Seth Dedmon
    Senior Accountant
    Nissan North America
    The strength of the Bar-Ilan International IMBA is certainly the breadth of business information presented with a global perspective.  Having the ability to partner with other students who enter the program with a different worldview allows for a more complete decision-making process upon entering the real world of business.  Even 15 years after graduating, I can pinpoint specific mindsets that I learned from others in the program that have proved invaluable to my career success.
  • Yee Wang
    Executive Deputy Director
    Dantu Hi-tech Industrial Park
     It was wonderful. The part time program allowed me to learn more about Israel as well as its people in addition to my studies. I loved it so much.
  • David Singer
    Eastern Union Funding
    A lot of fun!